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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lizzy's GamerMom Wants a Job

So this morning on my way to drop Lizzy at the sitter's (my mom) so I can houseclean and job hunt without her assistance, she pipes up from the back seat with, "Mom? Why do you want a job? I miss you when you have a job". "Well, sweetie, I want a job so I can earn money and then I can buy you clothes and food and pay for our apartment and maybe get you into swimming lessons like your sister". She thought about this and said, "Well, mom, we don't have time to wun home and pick up a job now, so I guess you have to take me to Gwamma's house fuhst."

After I stopped cracking up - why do they throw these things at me in the car all the time? - I told her it wasn't that simple; I have to earn a job, like she has to earn a Treasure Chest Pick, by showing the person who has the job (or TC PICK) that you can do what they need you to do. This stumped her for a couple minutes - it is fairly convoluted for a three-year-old - and then she said, "But you can do a job - you do jobs all the time".

Would that it were that easy! But for those of you with jobs for the taking... remember that I have not only a great resume and a ton of skills... I have a preschooler with faith in me. That helps my motivation a lot.