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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pity Party All Gone

That was lame. A moment of frustration does not have to equal a whole pity party post. And when Lizzy told me in her adorable Elmer Fudd way, "Mom, you ah my Special Thing and you ah even specialah when you give me loves," well... that sort of made the whole day okay.

Because you know what? Unemployment means I don't have to do it all Sunday before bed. My frustration in the earlier post was primarily lack of me-time and what looked like consistent drudgery until I could get a new job. Then Lizzy did something miraculous.

She took a nap.

Of her own volition even. And I did not fold the laundry while she napped (I did keep swapping it out, hanging that which must be dripped-dry, etc.) I played a video game. The big girls were playing outside with a friend. I had me-time - a good solid hour of puzzle-solving and BSU. And then I - quite happily - made breakfast-for-dinner (pancakes & bacon & fruit) and ran the dishwasher and said screw it to folding the rest of the laundry for today.

I feel so much better.