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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Alternatives

One player is out of town, one has a cold, one has a birthday, one has studying, and one has a child who's been grounded. This leaves us with me, Hubby, and one-maybe-three others.

We plan to play Paranoia. It's apparently easily played as a one-off (it would be a two-off, as out-of-town-guy is out-of-town-again next week, but since Hubby and I plan to be at Norwescon next week (Deity and Job-Market Willing) that's moot). I've never played it, but we shall see. Might be fun.

Failing that, we'll go back to board games.

There was a certain amount of drama at dinner this evening; the big girls were dipping their popsicles into their juice drinks - and it got not very messy, but certainly very loud. So when they asked if they could play outside, the answer was pretty much don't-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out. So the menfolk - all two of them who made it this week - are looking at playing a good old-fashioned game - perhaps go or chess. I'll hang out on Facebook and here on my blog, the big kids'll tire themselves out (one can hope), and Lizzy can watch Backyardigans videos to her heart's content.

This assumes that the guys will actually play a game. Just at the moment, having eaten dinner, they are discussing unions in the education industry. It'll be an interesting night, whether we game or not.