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Monday, April 25, 2011

She Can See Clearly Now...

... although the rain is certainly not gone.

We were able to pick up Abby's new glasses today. They are adorable; the slightly-rounded rectangle frames suit her round face pretty well, and the ladies at Bella Vision were just as kind and patient as they were last week when we chose the frames. There was a small bit of running around trying to find something with small enough print to properly test her prescription, but that was still simple enough for her to read; the usual things were rather dry treatises on presbyopia and the like. But she found a flyer and asked rather diffidently if it was okay for her to read the numbers to them instead of the letters. It was, and we went away happy, after snapping these pictures.

So in case it doesn't show up well, these glasses are a pretty plum-purple (say it five times fast!) with tiny clear rhinestones on the earpieces, shading to a slightly lighter metallic purple on the frames themselves. They are pink enough to please Abby and blue enough to bring out her pretty green eyes, which pleases her mom. Maybe tonight she'll be able to follow along while I read chapter eight of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ("The Potions Master"). She is not yet mature enough to understand the... dichotomy... that is Severus Snape, and even if she were, we haven't gotten that far in the series yet (huh - I just looked up "dichotomy" on to provide you lovely folk with that link, and the Word of the Day was "antihero"... which also is a fairly good description of the character, no?)

Anyway, we shall see over the next couple days whether her glasses prescription is appropriately placed. I think they've done well. Since she has two days' worth of homework to do (she left her school backpack at her dad's house this weekend) we may even be able to tell tonight.