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Monday, April 4, 2011

One More Week

I'm sad that I'll be leaving my job at the end of the week. Leaving aside concerns about future employment for the moment, I've really enjoyed my time here. But my contract expires Friday and the parent company disallows renewal of contracts after one year. And I'm not in the budget for flipping me to permanent status.

"Flipping" makes me sound like one of those run-down houses on HGTV, the ones that need lots of love and a good hand with tools to sell to the highest bidder. I assure you I'm not. I'm overweight but basically healthy, fairly intelligent, a quick learner, and damn good with people. I have lots of skills. All I need is a few high-tech appliances installed. (Oooooo - maybe I should flip on over to my husband's blog and see if they have any RNA skill sets installable yet. Why yes. Yes I have read my share of Larry Niven. Why do you ask?)

I had an interview today - it's not important with whom, because I don't want to portray them in a negative light if I don't get the job (which I really want; it looks like a great place to work and has Cool Gadgets Galore); I just wouldn't be the right match for them - and that was their main concern. I have the writing skills, the typing speed, the troubleshooting skills and the customer service skills; they are a little concerned that I won't be able to ramp up on product knowledge quickly enough to be who they need now. I know I can do it but there may not have been enough time to convince these people I'd never met before today during the course of an hour long interview - even with cool gadgets - that I can do it.

But I sure hope they were impressed enough with my other skills that they give me the benefit of the doubt on the learning curve.

My current employer did. I had no formal testing experience at the time I was hired; all I had done was some informal testing as a tech writer and a tech support geek. And I am so grateful they gave me the chance.

I'll miss them.