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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tidy Time

I've been trying to keep the house tidier than usual this week. I mean, I'm home, my mom is back in town and watching the little one while the elder is at school; why does there seem to be no time to do more than the usual lick-and-a-promise? Instead, my home looks like a Hidden Object game - with random things strewn about everywhere. Can you find the Left Shoe? How about the Heart-Shaped Mirror?

Part of it is the host of other things for which there is now time: running to Marysville to retrieve a forgotten backpack, doing the banking in the bank, running to Bellevue for a job interview. And I am spending a fair amount of each day actually looking for a job, online, on the phone, in person. But it seems as though I spend more time doing other-than-household things when I'm not working as when I am.

But I am slowly catching up - today I got three-loads-more caught up with the laundry, tomorrow morning early I intend to re-populate the porch with its furniture - the pressure washers have been here - and vacuum the whole house from stem to stern (the downstairs neighbors' daughter - Lizzy's best friend - will be here with us tomorrow and I'll make an effort to do the vacuuming when her baby sister is not asleep - so C... let me know, would you?) And then the rest of the laundry should be done tomorrow too, along with the usual day-to-day. That's probably enough for one week.

But it still feels like I have no time.