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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday's Situations

The kids got up at 7 and bless them, let me sleep until 8. Since they were up until 11 last night this strikes me as a good day to enforce a nap on Miz Liz and enforce a decent bedtime for Misses Abby and Leanna.

In many ways, it seems that Leanna has had a growth spurt. Not of her body, and not of her feet (which all three are prone to - their feet seem to stay the same size for ages and then suddenly jump two sizes). But of her maturity level. She's better at getting jokes, not taking gentle teasing as personal insult, and cooperating with me with less-than-usual fuss. She is still a little kid, however, in the need to have my attention right now the minute I pick up the phone. She and Abby are watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in their room while Miz Liz and I are out here watching Bedtime for Frances (it's Rest Time After Lunch as I write this).

Abby herself is vacillating between 'I am So Grown Up' and 'No Responsibility for Me' this week (i.e. she wants the privileges but honestly does not see why she should have to earn them). She's generally pretty good about this stuff but has had issues here the past couple weeks. Why should she have to do all the cleaning? I mean, Mom does some but nobody else even helps. She clears the table after meals, is responsible for tidying up their room (since the other regular inhabitant is three), and has to put away her own folded laundry about half the time. For jobs other than these she gets brownie points (assuming she does them cheerfully and without fuss) with which she can earn Treasure Chest picks, but these she's expected to do as part of a family. Such is the tragic life of an overworked eight-year-old.

Busy Lizzy is wiped out. She was up until almost eleven last night and got up this morning around seven and eight hours is simply not enough for her. she's been lounging around watching The Backyardigans all morning and now she's clutching my elbow frantically while lying flat on the couch next to me.

I'd better go. My elbow is "too bended" as I type for her to take comfort from it.