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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Favorite Local Business

Nails are a funny thing. One never has to adjust one's bra strap, scratch one's nose, or use the bathroom quite as badly as when one's nails are wet. It's really a strange phenomenon.

Every so often a local business will impress me enough to give them a shout-out here on Gamers' Babes. There's a family-owned place - Nail and Spa - within a mile or two of my place. They have great prices, which is why I went in in the first place (home of the twelve-dollar manicure).

I went in this afternoon. They were very busy but they took the time to set me up to soak my hands while I waited. My nail artist - Lin Da - has a very limited English vocabulary mostly consisting of phrases of her trade, such as color names and words like "polish" and "top coat", plus a few standard phrases. She is however a master of the meaningful gesture. She used these to indicate she wanted my other hand and so forth, and in case of a communications breakdown, she called over another artist to help.

After filing my nails and all that, she started massaging my forearms. I must have looked as blissful as I felt, because that prompted a smile and another of those pantomimes that very clearly said, "turn around". She came around and gave me possibly the best chair massage ever - certainly the best impromptu one I've ever had. She finished up, went back around the little table, smiled at me, and said, "I think you need, yeah?".

OH yeah.

After we finished the manicure (after she disapproved of the color I had chosen because she had one that better matched my lipstick and asked using only inquiring looks whether I preferred this new one), she extracted my keys from my purse for me (I had paid before applying polish so as not to be rummaging in my wallet with wet nails - and I gave her a BIG tip - that chair massage was over and above) and sent me on my way.

And when I messed up two nails putting on my seat belt, she fixed them for free on the spot.