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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Silence

12: 15 PM:
Saturdays with Miz Liz are usually pretty nice and laid-back. Especially when we have nowhere in particular to go. The weather is iffy, and we both need some serious downtime in my opinion, so we're sticking around home.

So today we're watching "babywiffic" shows as she calls them, and working on potty training (she can do it, but usually does not want to). I plan to fold some laundry and roast a chicken. Maybe bake some banana bread and boil some eggs. Tidy up the house a bit. Litterbox. Sort laundry for tomorrow. Huh - more than I thought for "downtime". I guess I'll get my alone time today after hubby gets home... and I'll probably use it to take out the garbage. (mental note: Add bubble bath to order. And shampoo. Oh... forget mental notes, that's what tabbed browsing is for, right? Okay... done!).

Most of these tasks are much easier to complete when Lizzy is not here, but that's not going to happen for a couple weeks, as our usual babysitter is out of town. Although smashing bananas is one of her favorite tasks.

Groceries are ordered. Litterbox is clean. Dishwasher is running. Eggs are boiling. Chicken is thawing. Banana bread is baking. Dryer is drying. Child with banana cleaned off her hands is lying on the floor with a blankie and pillow, watching Ni Hao Kai Lan on Netflix Instant Play.

Life is good.