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Monday, April 18, 2011

Mondays Can Be So Random

They really can. This post is full of the weird random things that have occurred this morning (and it's only 11 AM!). From lost belongings to cheerful and polite government workers, it's been quite a morning!

Abby(8) has lost her glasses. At least she had the courtesy to do so after she got a new lens prescription. I shudder to think where they might be... my suspicion is behind that blue bookshelf at the head of her bed (the one her lamp is on in the picture). Her vision isn't so bad that I feel we have to move all that before her new glasses come in a week or so.

So then in the car Abby fires off this gem: "How do mermaids go to the bathroom?" I told her I assumed the same way fish do and she said, "but then how do they have babies?" Uh... hmm... maybe they lay eggs like fish do? She doesn't like that idea, because they're "human on top". I told her about Red Martians but she wasn't buying that either. We have tabled the discussion for now, but I suspect - since she knows the basics of obstetrical surgery in that "I got stuck so they had to cut a small hole in your tummy so I could get out" - that we'll go with C-Section as the usual option for mermaids giving birth. Since external eggs are unacceptable.

Lizzy made me another scale today. This consists of five duplo blocks in a rough V shape. She's been doing this all weekend and then demanding that I "scale things" (she means "weigh things"). Just at the moment she's using the duplos and "making stayas with moh stabilizing blocks and decowating them with squayas". Yes, thanks to her Gwandpa's influence, my 3yo - who cannot yet pwonounce the letter R with any weliability - is using wuhds like "stabilizing" cowectly in a sentence.

I called the Unemployment Insurance people today, because the online claim process didn't like my birth date (turns out I had typoed it when making my application). I don't get any money this week because it was my waiting week, but I just have to give a shout out to the pleasant and cheerful people at the Washington State UI office. They're dealing with angry, sad, and depressed people all day every day, and their computer systems are slow as molasses... and yet I've never had one on the phone who was less than polite. Some of the best customer service people out there and I just wanted to let them know they are appreciated, even if none of them ever read this.