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Friday, April 22, 2011

Old Email

So I was looking through my old (like 6-8 years old) Sent folder on my Yahoo mail account, trying to find some old character backgrounds from uh... four computers ago, so I can tighten them up into short stories (I got lots of good ideas at the panels I attended tonight at Norwescon).

I haven't even gotten to the ones from my first game with hubby, much less more recent ones than that... because I'm having Old Home Week with other emails.

I've always been good about categorizing and regularly purging work emails, but the ones in my yahoo account? Which is at least... eight-and-a-half years old now? They just sit there in my sent items folder, gathering Nostalgia Dust.

Jenn at just-34 seems awfully young to me... and yet the eight-year-old to the right was in her final stages of fetal development around the time of these earliest emails.

Today at Norwescon I saw a gangly girl in a cute medieval-style green dress. I babysat her about once a month when she was new.

She's fifteen. I'm blown away.