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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grandma's Back!

And her front too! My mom (that's her to the left) has been on vacation with dear friends for the past ten days. Leaving aside her babysitting services (which are legion) for the moment, I find that - even at that age which is The Answer - I miss my mommy when she's out of town.

She's also watching Miz Liz while hubby and I go to Norwescon, which we try to do every year as an anniversary treat to ourselves, come hell or high water, feast or famine, jobs or joblessness. This year we won't be staying overnight at the con, but we are still very much looking forward to it! Hubby goes to all the Weird Science stuff, I hit the writer's workshops, and we both game. A lot. I dance too, if we make it that late, and we usually catch the Masquerade.

So my tasks for the next two days? They are also legion:
  1. Continue the job hunt; there was some good activity on this today but nothing's a done deal yet
  2. Finish the laundry (insofar as laundry can be finished without washing clothes naked)
  3. Pack everyone's bags for their weekend activities (and charge all phones and bluetooth devices!)
  4. Take Abby to school (both days), Lizzy downstairs (Thursday morning), Lizzy to Grandma's (Friday), Abby to her dad's (Friday after school), myself to the Con (after that).
  5. Get a manicure so I look like a grownup at the job interviews I hope to have next week.
  6. Get this place tidied up, vacuumed, and generally clean (mostly Thursday morning and Friday while Lizzy is Elsewhere) and take out the garbage.
  7. Boil and dye eggs
  8. Contact the apartment complex and explain that the socket in the master bath has enough power to charge my toothbrush, but not to run the hair dryer. After the bathroom is clean. Socket is working now. No reset button on it, but there IS on the hair dryer. Weird.
Whew! Hey, honey...  you're on pre-con garbage detail. Just thought you'd like to know.