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Friday, April 29, 2011

Game Night and a Blogspot Question

It's Game Night, although we have a number of "maybe" players tonight, so who knows what we'll play. GURPS, Mage, Paranoia, that new board game Laston bought at Norwescon - whatever works. At the moment I'm just concentrating on the usual day-to-day, and being glad my cat is not dead in a ditch. She seems none the worse for her adventure earlier this week, except that she's pretty much just eating and sleeping. Tired out, I guess.

So, I've discovered that this blog views the way I intended in IE and Firefox, but not in Chrome; in Chrome the thumbnail to the right linking to the Unshelved comic is all stretched out and annoying. It's one I put in using specific HTML coding provided by the Unshelved people, and I am not HTML-savvy enough to know how to optimize it for Chrome while still making it work correctly in IE and Firefox. Any ideas from the more techo-minded among my readers?