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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Miz Liz (3) has a very expressive face. When my friend Tiffany saw this picture, she said, "that's her innocent face. What destruction did she wreak after this picture was taken?" (For the record, Gramma, who took the picture, says Lizzy was just proud of the pine cones they were picking up out on their walk).

And of course there's this picture, posted before. Lizzy was about nine months old and Leanna was not quite eight years old. Leanna's expression is very proudly, "I'm holding the baby"! Lizzy's is more like, "Put that camera down and stop laughing"!

Abby's had her share. One of my favorites - and I swear it was not a political statement on my part - is this one. She was a cranky, napless 1.5-year-old toddler and she was just done with the pictures already! Since we were at Wal-Mart's photo studio, and the American flag was part of their summer backdrop collection, well... that's how we got this picture. But boy, did it excite comment on teh interwebs!

About a year later we went to a friend's wedding, at Safeco Field (the bride and groom are huge fans). I needed to buy her the appropriate clothing, didn't I?

And one of the few pictures of me I actually like, Enjoy!