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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leftover Lunch

So I've climbed back on my Weight Watchers Wagon after taking a couple weeks' sick leave. Wasn't intentional; I simply did not have the energy to mess with counting points or what-have-you.

I wanted produce. Lots and lots of produce (fresh fruit and non-starchy veggies are now free in terms of Weight Watchers PointsPlus™!). And the kids were low on cheese and milk and so forth. So we did an unusual weekend Safeway order. Sadly, it was not delivered by H, our favorite delivery driver, although today's driver, B, was friendly and courteous and did his job very well. But he's a stranger, so Lizzy, age three, was a little less friendly than she usually is to H. On the other hand, she wasn't underfoot and tripping him up.

This overfilled our refrigerator, so I packed lunches for me and Abby for tomorrow (and breakfast for me, because I discovered I can eat Greek yogurt; the allergenic whey is removed so it should suit me just fine), and made Leftover Lunch, to get rid of those things in our fridge that had a single serving left in a whole jar or what-have you. This kids had quesadillas (used up the final flour tortilla), yogurt (to make space for the Greek yogurt in the same space), baby carrots, and fruit (freeing up space in the produce drawer), and they had the last two slices of cake that a friend left over here yesterday for dessert. Abby had leftover Vitamin Water from yesterday's trip out with the same friend, and Lizzy had the last of the apple juice in the old bottle, diluted. I had a hard-boiled egg (between that and the ones packed in lunches I made space for the new batch), some pickles (the last three in a jar of Banquet Baby Dills), some fruit, and a plastic container of leftover whole grain noodles with olive oil.

Now our fridge is packed, but we can find everything and I stayed on the WWW - Weight Watchers Wagon.