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Saturday, March 5, 2011

HOW old are they again?

When 8yo Abby announced in the car yesterday that she and her friends "really like Selena Gomez because she's a nice person not like the girl she plays on TV, and we don't like her boyfriend so we're calling him Justin Beaver", I about choked. Old enough to understand the differences between actresses and their roles, old enough to have celebrity crushes and dislike that celebrity's boyfriend, but still young and innocent enough to think that "Justin Beaver" is about the worst insult they can think of. HOW old are they again?

Lizzy (3), when asked what we do at Friday Night Games (I wanted to see where her fantasy vs. reality line lies), she said, "Someone tells you a stowy and you tell them one back". Which is about the most succinct description of role-playing games I've ever heard. I was pretty surprised she grokked it; Abby certainly didn't at her age, and Lizzy's imagination is so varied and vivid and has such a cast of thousands (Imaginary Friends Silver Ann, The Other Ann, and Ann who Lives at Ann's House, plus their brother Andy) that I was actually really surprised (and gratified). HOW old is she again?

(As I write this, she pointed out a pyramid she built of six-sided dice (yes, it is necessary to specify six-siders in this household) and informed me that it was a "pywamid with bathwooms on the middle level". Where does she get this stuff?)

Last December Abby had the Chanukah story read to her in the library and summed it up for me by saying, "A miracle is magic when God does it for you". And AD&D isn't even the game she's seen us play. HOW old is she again?

Miss Leanna has a sprained shoulder. Her left shoulder. As she is left-handed this is a problem. Poor kid. Sso she's doing quiet activities, and she brought a library book with her this weekend, and seeing as she's ten and y'know - a GamersBabe - I expected it to be about dragons or fairies or maybe - she's our Wild Animal SME - about animals. Uh, no - it's the National Audobon Society's First Field Guide to Wildflowers. HOW old is she again?