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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Such a Big Girl! (take two)

Lizzy's first day of preschool is tomorrow. She's so excited that she's had a tummy-ache (she says) for days. I think she's nervous and does not know how to express "butterflies in the stomach". The tummy-ache has not stopped her from eating normally, sleeping normally (except that she says she's decided not to sleep anymore because it's boring, but she will tonight so her heart has lots of energy for tomorrow), using the potty, jumping indiscriminately on siblings, friends, adults, whomever; therefore I think it's just nerves.

In fact, I plan to put everyone to bed a little early tonight; I'm moving the whole night up by half an hour so we start Lizzy's bedtime routine just before seven instead of just before 7:30, like that. We shall see how well this works but she clearly needs to rest and she's just not able to self-regulate that well yet.

I have her little backpack packed with her school supplies, like crayons and chalk. I have her clothes laid out for tomorrow (blue and green tee, denim jumper (pinafore for my overseas readers) and green socks). Stylin' preschooler. We'll stop on the way for cupcakes (her birthday was Sunday and she wants to share "tweats" with her "new fwiends") and baby wipes (since the preschool would like a fresh pack to come in with each kid). It will be nice, but a little bittersweet.

ETA: Although she has improved enormously, getting Lizzy to go to bed is still usually a bit of a chore. Not tonight; I read her books (Good Night Gorilla and Five Wishing Stars) and sang her songs (Blanket Bay, Summertime, and Snuggletime) and told her I was leaving the room to do dishes and would check on her in two minutes. This is what I saw after those two minutes were up.

There will be (more) pictures.