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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Topic Deficiency

Three of my favorite people
almost four years ago
Some days I just can't think of anything about which to write. I have a short paper due at school Sunday, so I guess I've used up my creativity for the week.

I could write about Abby and school, but she's in a holding pattern of math review until Parents' Night. And if anything dire has happened on the social front (dire in the mind of an eight-year-old half-vampire perky-goth-wannabe tomboy princess, that is) she hasn't told me.

I could write about Leanna and school, but she does not live here, so all I know is that she enjoys it more this year, and that she left her library books here last weekend, which the hubs returned to her on Tuesday.

I could write about Lizzy and school, but you saw what I wrote yesterday and she's only attending three days a week and won't go again until tomorrow.

I could write about my favorite dentist, or my favorite consignment shop, or my favorite nail spa or my favorite coffee shop, but I've been there and done those and aside from having visited the consignment shop today (got three pair shoes that may or may not fit Abby, who has already trashed the ones we bought her for back-to-school, and who cares if they don't fit at $6 - paid with store credit, so no cash outlay - per pair), and having made an appointment for the dentist for tomorrow (this canker sore will not go away since my extraction), I got nuthin'.

So on days like these, I just write, kind of randomly. It seems to work.

And... made ya look.