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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Sunday

Yeah, I know school's in. But it's still technically summer, and the weather finally matches the season here in Seattleish. It's about time. And of course Lizzy wants to watch The Secret of Snow and The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve, because she's ornery that way. I overrode her.

Today we went to the pool in our complex, which was fun, although Lizzy was a little timid and the mating rituals among the older teens and young adults in our neighborhood were definitely in evidence. Then we came back here and had a movie afternoon (Tangled) while we cooled down and I did my homework. Kind of a nice afternoon, all in all. In a few minutes Abby'll come in from playing outside (she'd better), and we'll have a summer dinner - salad with steak strips and quesadillas.

Tomorrow is another busy Monday - Abby to school, Lizzy to school, Laston to work, Jenn to clean house, job hunt, do homework, prepare for More Dental Drama. But this day has been nice, and calm and relaxed, and it's just a Good Day. Assuming Lizzy sleeps tonight (and she should; water play always wears her out), tomorrow should be too.