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Friday, September 2, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Lizzy's THIRD Birthday
Not that we're doing anything holidayish - unless one counts Lizzy's fourth birthday (this Sunday! Where did the time go?) as a holiday. But I kind of prefer it that way - picnics and the like are fun and all, but they're a lot of work. For Lizzy's birthday (because she's still very young) we can get away with just going to the park with her "best fwiend Nallie" and our family, and having Wonderful Cake (snickerdoodle!), thanks to Sweet Creations by Carrie.

A Sweet Creation by Carrie
Tonight we're having Friday Board Games (being on hiatus from Friday Mage Games - stoopid Real Life always getting in the way and all) and we're having a finger food kinda meal. I mean, I'm making a cucumber salad (because I bought the cukes at Costco so there are a lot of them), but the rest of it is like chicken wings, frozen taquitos, frozen spring rolls, my mom's homemade bread with artichoke spread, like that. For those on Google + following my Star Trek: The Original Series posts, you'll have to wait until Sunday night; Abby's not likely to watch and therefore not likely to make 8yo comments of the vagaries of '60s science-fiction/western television tonight nor tomorrow night.

Tomorrow is school work day for me but first the girls and I are going out with my mom to celebrate Leanna's birthday. Grandma makes a practice of taking birthday girls out for a girls-only meal (sometimes just the birthday girl, sometimes more of us), and she was out of town on Leanna's actual birthday. Lizzy and Grandma and I will go for Lizzy's birthday after Lizzy's first day of preschool next week. In the middle of typing this, I got an answer back from the job I really wanted. Sigh - they have "decided to move forward with other candidates at this time". Depressing, but no dwelling on it allowed; I can't afford the emotional energy it takes to angst overmuch. Back into the trenches! (Writing about my disappointment always helps mitigate it).

Monday the hubs has to work... but as he gets paid overtime for working a holiday I will not stress overmuch on that. Abby and Lizzy will be here with me, but I'm sure Abby will be out playing all day, and I'll dole out popsicles to half the neighborhood as usual, and Lizzy & I will hang out and work on potty skills and polite behavior so she's that much more ready on Wednesday. Sounds good to me.