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Monday, September 5, 2011

Birthdays and Back-to-School Stuff

Leanna at Lizzy's
Birthday Party
Grandma Dianna and Grandpa Joe sent us a carload of stuff care of a friend of theirs who lives locally and we got it today. There were a gazillion school things (clothes, shoes, coats, gloves, hats, etc.) for Leanna, who's rather hard on her clothes, and some birthday gifts for me (end of the month) and Lizzy (yesterday). Also a few school things for Abby who does not really need any, but D&J don't want her to feel left out (some of these will be too big but so much the better; she'll wear them in the spring) and a ton of things for the Treasure Box (all in cute little wrappers so they will be truly surprises).
Lizzy's Birthday Balloons

I confess that I already opened my gift, because I have no willpower to speak of on things like that. A pretty tapestry jacket (the sort of thing one wears with a black top and jeans, or a black dress - can dress an outfit up or down depending on the situation and accessories), a pair of white pants with white-and-peach flowered top, and a pair of coral Bermuda shorts with an off-white-and-multi flowered top. Really nice stuff. And then Lizzy's present, the story behind which I did not hear until today.

Lizzy's Sequined Birthday Hat
Apparently when they visited a month or so ago, Dianna asked Lizzy if she'd like to have a tea party and Lizzy declined "because we don't have the wight hats". So Dianna sent us two straw hats and one felt, along with ribbons and fabric glue and silk flowers and all that so the girls can make "tea party hats". And also a sequined baseball cap for the Birthday Girl, who is thrilled by it. What a great gift!