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Saturday, January 7, 2012

What am I, Four Years Old?

I ask, because I have an ear infection. Not a sinus infection; those are still in abeyance since the Tooth Extraction of Doom, thank goodness. Not bronchitis or pneumonia. Not strep throat. All of those are diseases either commonly associated with adults or with people of all ages. But bacterial otitis media is mostly known in babies and small children, or at least so it seems. It has something to do I believe with longer Eustachian tubes in older children and adults, so they don't get crammed full of gunk and infected as easily as in people with short tubes.

But then I look at my actual four-year-old and I think naahhhh... because children that age are strange. She can lick her own nose. She thinks the Indians took the Pilgrims out to lunch. She refuses to believe her name begins with E (even her full name) because it "stahts with the L Sound". She corrects me when I say "pain the the neck" because "gwownups is sposta say 'pain in the ass', mama".

So here I am, brain the size of a planet, 43 years old, with a fever, an earache, and dizzy spells. I'm not all that sick; I just feel yucky from the fever, really. So ladies, if Mama Jenn is a little cranky tonight, cut her some slack. Kthxbai.