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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Taxing Sort of Day

No, not really. I just couldn't resist the pun, because we got our taxes done. We get them done rather than doing them ourselves because of the complexities involved in the his-mine-ours nature of our family and the resulting who-claims-which-kid-when bits.

It's always a little taxing, though, unless we don't take any children with us. Today the older girls are at their respective other parents' houses, though, so that leaves with with just the Lizster. She's four, and bouncy, so she tends toward loud. Given that were were at Liberty Tax Service for nearly two hours though, she did really really well. Couple of very funny moments, though, like when she asked to use their potty and the Hubs offered (reluctantly) to take her, but she wanted me "because Mama's more wesponsible". While probably possibly true, this assertion is one of those things that Mama and Daddy find a trifle embarrassing, while passersby such as other customers and tax preparers think is hilarious. By the end of the first hour I was reduced to letting her play with my phone, because the amazing array of origami creations her dad made of sticky notes was getting old. That was when she took an actual decent picture of me. I think it'll be my new profile pic on Google Plus.

And then we went to lunch, discovering along the way that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is in fact safe for Abby to eat at, because her allergy is to tree nuts rather than peanuts, and they fry their potatoes in 100% peanut oil. Nice.

Much cleaning to do in the house today and tomorrow; I have got to get this place cleaned up. It would be nice if we could find the remote control for the TV too. I am so dreading getting under the couch though.