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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day Take Three

Today is snowy enough that the Hubs didn't even try to get to work. My mom lacked power for an hour or so this morning. The kids are willing to stay indoors. Abby is playing Illusion of Gaia (yes, I know that link is dead the day I'm posting this. That's the sort of thing that will happen if SOPA passes) for the first time (and reading most of the text herself, yay!). Lizzy's running around our nice cozy apartment wearing panties and ponytails, bouncing to the window (and occasionally kissing it before we can stop her) every couple of minutes to see if the snow is deeper.

I'm not a fan of snow - as you may have guessed - but this storm does have the upside of giving me lots to talk about in my Environmental Science class; this is highly unseasonable weather for us. Our typical annual snow accumulation (for Seattle proper) is just over five inches. We have more than that already... and it's still snowing. When the Pizza Hut is closed for inclement weather, you know it's bad. We're utter wimps in the snow around here... it's hilly, and the snow here is wet and slippery, and there are entirely too many people who think a) they drive better than they really do, and b) that four-wheel-drive automatically equals safety.

Credit: Lori Christopher via
News flash for you. It doesn't. Certainly not on the ice crust that usually occurs with Seattle snow - it warms up and melts the top layer (or God forbid, starts to rain on top of the snow), and then freezes over at night.

I can drive in the snow, but not well. I almost always choose not to. The Hubs is more willing, but as stated above, even he didn't make it in today. As I write this, the kids are getting a little stir-crazy so we're going to break for lunch. But the Pizza Hut is closed. Dang.