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Friday, January 20, 2012


What? Two blog posts in one day? This doesn't happen very often.

It's been a rough week. There's been snow and ice, and school snow days and cabin fever, and sleepwalking, and a lack of Abby's and my favorite Netflix DVDs (until today, yay!). There's been the usual joblessness coupled with a lack of people in offices from whom to inquire about jobs (you'd think they'd be more telecommutey here in Seattleish, but not always so). There's been the fact that I ran out of my anti-depressants (winter in Seattle, you know) on Monday, and it didn't cross my mind until today that my lovely spouse could refill them for me).

And today was the worst of the days thus far. It was full of things like, "but she said she won't like me anymore if I don't help her clean up!" and, "Tell her she can throw her own gum away, Mom said so!" One of those days, when one wants to drop the children, no matter how much we love them, down a well.

School's been good, but I could not concentrate today. I had grammar exercises to do (and yes, I did end up getting 99%, thank you very much, and the remaining point is arguable, having to do with punctuation as it does). I could not deal with the kid-nattering noise and do my grammar at the same time. So I took advantage of the Hubs being home and played with my new Windows Phone's Zune functions a bit. I bought my favorite symphony (because it's instrumental and therefore I can concentrate on words), plugged in my earbuds, and shut out the kids for twenty minutes.

It was glorious.

The chocolate Laston brought me from the pharmacy when he picked up my prescription didn't hurt any either.