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Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Typos

I've always found the weird little unusual things to be more interesting than the big things that are supposed to happen, with illness or medication or whatever. And today, in the depths of Winter Blues as I have been for a bit, I realized... I'm not your (stereo)typical (seasonally) depressed person. I don't get all that weepy. I'm certainly not suicidal or wanting to hurt myself in any way (unless one counts Too Much Chocolate as self-harm). I'm just kind of unremittingly tired and finding it difficult to concentrate. Which is why I've been writing this blog post all day, between other tasks like schoolwork and job hunting and folding laundry, because I can't seem to just sit and do all of one task at a time.

And then I noticed something else. The spell checker on my school's website is catching a lot more errors this week and last than it did before. I'm finding a lot more becasues and tehs than usual. When talking to a British friend last week I had to go back and change the word mom to mum six times before I got it right (and I just now wrote write instead of right and had to go back and change it).

Strange little quirk. I imagine it has to do with the concentration issue because I'm on autopilot. But it's interesting, no?