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Monday, January 9, 2012

Parents of Preschoolers...

... are the adults you see around town muttering letter sounds to themselves. Today's Letter Sound of the Week  at Lizzy's preschool is M - as in Mmm Mmm Monkey and Mmm Mmm Mint.

Our toy mmm mmm monkey is missing his tail. We don't have any fresh mmm mmm mint. Everyone else was likely to bring mmm mmm Mickey mmm mmm Mouse for Show and Tell on Mmm Mmm Monday. So Lizzy brought me the little Santa Claus ornament she got for Cwiss-a-muss. "I want to bwing this Santa for Mmm Mmm Monday."

"But Santa Claus does not begin with the Mmm Mmm sound, Lizzy."

"This one does, Mama. It's a Mmm Mmm Musical Santa."

So she took it to school, and I found myself in the Grocery Outlet, muttering things like Mmm Mmm Macaroni and Sss Sss Spaghetti Sss Sss Sauce. Not to mention C is for Cookie.

This is also related to yesterday's conversation wherein it was established that Lizzy is terribly indignant that swans and "gooses" look "a lot the same" in ABC books. How can the authors of such books expect small children to know the difference between Swans and "Gooses" just from the first sound? The nerve!