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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quiet Geeky Parties

Our annual NYD potluck and game day was scaled way down this year; we invited a lot fewer people than usual (through lack of space and funds). So we had a couple of neighbor kids early in the day and one couple and their kids later on. We don't see these people nearly often enough (they used to live downstairs but have moved a couple towns away) and so we had a blast, playing board games and eating spaghetti, mostly. The kids played a simple game called "Spin Until You Drop" which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Last person standing wins.

So here it is, 8:30 not that long after Lizzy's usual bedtime, no work tomorrow; although I do have school, and to help my mom with storing her Christmas decorations and possibly bringing leftover spaghetti sauce to a friend whose husband is in the hospital (because as always we cooked for an army but a small platoon showed up). Tasty sauces, too... one meatballs in red sauce, one veggie (mushrooms, onions, and artichoke) marinara, and one chicken-and-celery-in-cream-sauce.

Right now the dishwasher is running, we're watching a "baby show" and then I'll put the kids to bed about an hour late, each. A nice quiet evening.

And the house is still mostly clean.