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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Wait?

Really, why wait until Saturday when I'm feeling so much better today? I mean, yesterday was tough; there was rent to be paid, jobs to be rejected for, not enough sleep having been had, winter in Seattle to experience, etcetera, ad nauseum. It's enough to make the most cheerful person (that's me, and don't you forget it) morose.

So we still have the weather issue, but the rent is paid, the rejection is a day further in the past, and I turned out the lights before midnight last night. And - most importantly although I hadn't realized it was bugging me until it wasn't an issue any more - my pantry (and my freezer, fridge, and fruit bowl) is now full.

This is huge. It's not that it's comfort food, precisely; it's that the food is all here, handy and ready to go at need. It's that I have a choice between oranges and pears, and that I don't have to cajole the kids into eating things they hate because it's what we have on hand. It's because I went to Grocery Outlet and got canned and fresh and frozen produce, and dairy and meat and cheese and bread and cereal and snacks and all the extras like paper towels and everything else, that I filled up the trunk of my car, for under $75. I got sopping wet hauling it all into my apartment, but I'm pretty sure the savings is worth it to me when I'm unemployed.

All I need now is the few things they didn't have (or I forgot to grab), like my favorite spreadable butter, and powdered dishwasher detergent, and table sugar. And the stuff my mom got at Costco yesterday (I dont think I'll have to buy my own juice for a month). The rest is done.

That always makes me feel better.