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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Day!

It's Seattleish. It's snowing. More importantly, it's still snowing. And it's sticking.

Abby & Lizzy in the tub, 2008
I had the girls take a hot bath this morning. Abby got all the indigo boot dye off her feet. Then, after drying her hair, she bundled up and went out to make a snow fort with her friends.

Purple boot dyed feet
When she came in, the blue on her feet was from the dye, but her lips were faintly azure too.

So I served them a hot lunch (french-bread pizza and steamed veggies) and nixed her going outside again until her boots and coat are dry. She was feeling chilled enough that this did not even cause tween angst.

So far.

And Kiki came over to play (indoors!) until it's time for her lunch. They're all using Abby's Paper Jamz Microphone and it sounds rather like Indian Love Call in there, while our lovely maintenance guy is repairing... wait for it... my freezer. In this weather, yes, the freezer of all things went kablooey. He says the defrost thermostat blew, causing ice buildup in the cooling fan casing. I think. I'm no mechanic; I'm better with software. But he is, and I'll take his word for it. And he said the stuff would not be out of the freezer long enough to thaw, so I'm content. And he says he changes the defrost thermostat on freezers about once a month (the complex and most of the appliances are ten years old, after all).

Ahhhh... the lovely quiet purr of a properly-functioning freezer....

And warm children.

And the smell of wet mittens...

Thus is a snow day.