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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Homegrown Therapy

Continuing yesterday's theme of Curing the Wintertime Blues, I've gotten some stuff accomplished today, and it does actually make me feel better. Yesterday I wrote a note explaining what was going on to my instructors. This doesn't actually affect my grades if I screw up (as it shouldn't), but the mere act of acknowledging the problem to them mitigates the problem somewhat too. I ordered a full-spectrum desk lamp, which helps as well... again, I don't have it yet, but just doing something about it helps. Also, last night Abby made me a snack and a card while I was putting Lizzy to bed. That sort of thing helps a lot. The Hubs cleaned our bathroom. And there's no discounting how helpful that is.

So, back to today. I took the garbage out, and I took it to the furthest Dumpster we have so I could get a little extra time and exercise out in the fresh air and Vitamin D. I caught up on homework so it's all ready to go for the next due date. I wrote a bittersweet short story and the catharsis thereby helped. I folded some laundry. I did the dishes. I did some grocery shopping (full pantry again... always useful). I'm running out of energy again here, but I may get to the vacuuming today... it's hard to say. More likely tomorrow. If nothing else I'll pack a lunch for Abby for school tomorrow, and lay out everyone's clothes tonight.

It's slow going, and nothing but spring will actually cure the Wintertime Blues. But at least - with the help of my family - I can mitigate the symptoms.