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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunshine and Lollipops

As you all know, the Winter Blues have hit. But today I feel a bit better, or at least I did when I got up this morning. Maybe the titular sunshine and lollipops.

I had some of both today. I also tried to deposit our tax refund check (but the Hubs has to because it's written to him and the issuer says it must be deposited by the payee... in person with his picture I.D.), emptied the vacuum cleaner trap, ran it over the dining room (although it's not picking up well, so the Hubs will have to take a look), folded some laundry, did the dishes, finished a homework assignment that's not due until tomorrow, wrote for fun a bit, chatted with friends online, took a walk (with Miz Liz this time; she also provided the lollipops out of the last of her Halloween stash), and planned dinner (leftover chicken and salad for the Hubs, frozen pizza and salad for the females in the house.

I had enough energy to do all that, yay!

It's gone now, boo!

My full-spectrum lamp is out for delivery and should be here any time. Things are looking up.