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Friday, February 10, 2012

Healthy Abby, Healthy Jenn

We went in for our checkups today. Abby's healthy except for the allergies, and is still at "at risk for overweight" but not actually overweight.

Her mom is a different story, of course; last month's seasonal depression has derailed the diet-and-exercise train again. Haven't gained anything, but haven't lost either. On the other hand, my blood pressure, heart rate, all that are normal - yay!

Abby lucked into the pediatric nasal spray for her flu vaccine. The last time I had the nasal spray I was the lucky winner of the Real Flu, so I opted for the shot (where the flu germs are dead, not just mostly-dead) instead.

And the blood work! There was much. "All doctors are wampires" over here. They always test for everything - thyroid, blood glucose, cholesterol, iron - and in the last couple years they've tested for Vitamin D. I'm guessing that one is super low again.

We'll know more in a couple-three business days.