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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meatballs and Socks

Yes, yes it does sound a bit like Fish Fingers and Custard, doesn't it? But what it really is are the two items the Hubs and I always always get when we do a big shopping at Costco. Aside from my reluctance as a housewife (and therefore laundress), there's also the fact that socks at Costco are cheap, plentiful, and always match. So there are no worries about finding a pair, like there are with the girls, whose socks seem to use their status as coverings for feet as an excuse to actually walk away.

And since it's been awhile since we were last at Costco together, we also got a number of other useful items. We use a lot of mushrooms here, for instance, and why not have twelve cans of sliced mushrooms when they're a staple? Peanut butter (yes, I know... but peanuts are not tree nuts and Abby won't eat peanut butter anyway), and jam and cucumbers and plums and etc.

This was after we went to the bank - ours has been having trouble with their credit card vendor so we needed to pull cash out - and to get Lizzy's hair trimmed (but they had no space and so we made an appointment for tomorrow), and out to lunch (sushi) and to run some other errands. I'm going out by myself just for the Alone Time in a little bit, but in general it was a Good Day. It's always much simpler a day when we outnumber the kids.

Also, I slept over ten hours last night - perhaps courtesy of yesterday's flu shot - and I seem to have mostly recovered from the winter blues. I did wear both eyeliner and mascara today, after all, and it wasn't done deliberately to make myself feel better either.

Things are looking up!