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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Light Dawns

I have the full-spectrum sun lamp now. A little UVA and UVB and Vitamin D indoors. And only 27 watts of power for 150 watts of light, which should please my Environmental Science instructor. It's in the blue-white range which we don't find quite as comfortable, but I need the simulated sunlight so there we go. I bought it through but it's from a company called Lights of America. I already love it.

So, my old table lamp? It's now in the bedroom (which the Hubs should like because that's where the blue-white really bugs him most). And guess what I found while I was behind the master bedroom bed... go on, guess. Yup, the book we looked everywhere (else) for last October. Never crossed our minds to look under the adults' bed, since to the best of our knowledge, it never went into the adults' room. Thus is Life With Preschoolers.