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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Asian Food Weekend

So Friday I tried to pick up Chinese food on the way home from taking Abby to her dad's - but that was when our credit union's credit card vendor had downed computers, so I couldn't pay for anything. Gah.

Saturday we went out, had sushi for lunch, but I still wanted my mu shu pork, so I went ahead and bought Chinese food for dinner. And both my headlights fizzled on the way home from the Chinese restaurant.Well, expletive. Thank goodness for high beams, which are using a different filament in the headlight bulb, or I would have driven home in the dark. Yay.

Two-fisted drinker
So today, Lizzy and I went to the local Firestone, it being the only car repair place open on a Sunday in my area. They said it would take thirty to forty-five minutes so we decided to go to lunch. The only place within (Lizzy's) walking distance? Thai Bistro. More Asian food, although their kids' menu did have something Lizzy would eat - chicken nuggets and steamed broccoli with sweet & sour sauce for dipping. I had Swimming Rama Steamed Veggies for teh noms. Very good food, very nice people, kind to preschoolers. Then back to Firestone, where they had already finished (a lot faster than the 30 minutes - great service), and they had bad news (all four of my tires are separating from my rims and need replacing). Gah. $300 next week, I guess.

Fancy hair!
Anyway, so we went to this place to have Lizzy's hair cut - it's been cut by a professional once before but about two and a half years ago, so it really needed a trim, just to deal with all the messed-up ends from over-enthusiastic application of hair ties. And Fun Kuts is specifically for kids, so the lack of hair-washing trauma is worth the extra four bucks to me. Also they put in a braid, a ribbon ("Gween! It's my eleventh-favewit color!") and sparkles. How can you go wrong with that?