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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines' Day to ME!

I'm not the kind of gal to go for household machinery, and I'm not even the kind of gal who loves exercise stuff for Valentines' Day (for the record, I wouldn't be offended, just kind of perplexed).

But electronics are a different story.

And although it's not technically a Valentine present (it is instead a broken-computer-and-tax-return present), it came today, so I'm counting it.

It's beautiful. It's a Lenovo 575 with Windows 7 Home Premium and 4GB RAM and a 254GB hard drive. It has a Radeon 6320 M video card. Its USB ports don't crowd each other. It has a number keypad. It came pre-installed with Google Chrome. And then - annnnnd then, I discovered that the Google Chrome Sync I signed into last week? It means that all my bookmarks and everything are just where they should be. And I didn't have to transfer anything from my loaner  but docs and downloads. Freaking amazing.

There are a couple things that will take getting used to. The Enter key is awfully near the 4 on the keypad. And the backspace is near the NumLock. But that's a matter of practice to get those right... not a problem. And I still have to get things from the broken computer (which will become the kids' computer once we get it working again) over here. But that can wait; I've lived without that stuff for months now.

So today I'm playing with the new 'puter (and laundry and dishes and cooking and schoolwork, and thanks to my mom and my Valentine we have sweets for Valentine's dinner (dessert) because I sure didn't plan anything), and tomorrow after dropping Lizzy at school and going to my quick doctor check thingy, I have all day to install Office and Skype. And laundry and dishes and... yeah. But, well, SQUEE!