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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yep, Confirmed. Jenn is Healthy

Test results from doc appointment a week or so ago have been discussed with the doctor.

The good news: 

  • I am not diabetic - this is a concern, because I'm very high risk, mostly because of my weight, and partly because I am in remission (or whatever one calls it) from PCOS - have been since Abby was born
  • My blood pressure is under control
  • My triglycerides and my other cholesterol-ly things are better than they were this time last year (so close to "normal" range... within five points on all of them!)
  • My iron levels are - for the first time since I was about 22 - within the normal range
  • All my um... "girl" tests came back normal
The not-bad-but-not-great news:
  • My cholesterol levels are not where they should be, even though they're better than last year. This is possibly in part because... all that lovely iron? From red meat, mostly (even though I know there are plenty of other sources). Hence, slightly elevated Bad Cholesterol. Solution = less red meat, more spinach and oatmeal
  • My thyroid medication needs adjusting. Solution = new dosage, test again in six weeks
  • My Vitamin D3 levels are - just like last winter - down below "even what's normal for Seattleites". Solution = 10k IU D3 daily, test again in three months.
Since my weight is directly tied to my thyroid and my winter depression, the D3 and the thyroid adjustment will help that. A good job would help more, because I don't eat from boredom (as much, or as many bad things) when I'm working.

See? Healthy. Very healthy for a 43yo woman of my size. Go me!