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Monday, January 2, 2012

T-Shirts and Small Children

Today I am wearing this T-Shirt, which I purchased originally from CafePress (and yes, I did take the picture myself, while wearing the shirt, hence the slightly wrinkled look). For those who are neither gamers nor gun enthusiasts, the point is that RPG can stand for Rocket Propelled Grenade or Role Playing Game, and I (as a gamer) approve the gaming context.

But Lizzy does not know that, nor does she read yet. She only knows our role-playing adventures as Game Night. So when I put this shirt on this morning, I found her interpretation of it - "Say No to Guns and Say Yes to Dice" - fairly impressively abstract for four years old.

At the moment we have a couple of neighbor boys over, assisting Abby with her Harry Potter Quidditch Pitch Lego set (she got it for her birthday from her Aunt Laura). Their interpretation of the T-shirt was amusing, because they wanted to know why it's not cool to have both - after all, some of the RPGames have RPGrenades in them, don['t they, Abby's Mom?

Well, yes, they do. We as a rule do not play those games, however, because at my house, I have decreed my kids too young to do so (these boys bracket Abby in age, but that's up their parents; they're not my kids and so it's not my say... except when they are here playing with my girls).

Interesting dichotomy. I wonder how much of it is the gender of the kids in question.