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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Growth Spurt

Five Months Ago
Miz Liz seems to be having one. She's been tired and Dropping her Spoon for a couple days. She's been eating everything in sight and asking for more. And I swear she looks taller than she did yesterday (though that may just be the low-slung yoga pants she has on).

An example: for breakfast - about 8 AM - she had a bowl of cereal, a slice of buttered toast, some fruit, and an oatmeal cookie. And a glass of milk. I'm sure Grandma gave her a snack at mid-morning. For lunch at noon (per Grandma) she had two eggs, two and a half pieces of bacon, a piece of toast, a small mandarin orange, grapes and most of an apple.

This is a hungry child.

In my experience this means that next week she'll be four feet tall and her shoes will be too small for her.

I'm sort of dreading it.