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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Slushy Saturday

Fun day so far. It's the Hubs' day off his diet (he has one day off a week) and we had to go to the aforementioned Grocery Outlet, so we went driving down the main drag in Kenmore to see where we could eat that was new for us. This brought us to a place called Jay's Cafe. Little tiny place, standard diner/cafe fare (lots of eggs and chicken-fried this and pancakes and steak-fried that), but it's really really good food, excellent service, and both patrons and staff who are tolerant of hungry-loud preschoolers. It cannot be stressed enough how important that last bit is.

Jay's Cafe on Urbanspoon
As we left there it began to "slush" (that is to say mixed-rain-and-snow), so we hightailed it to Grocery Outlet, where we spent a lot more than I buy when I'm there by myself (Laston's a lot more... hmm... carnivorous than the rest of the family, and meat's a little spendy even at Grocery Outlet).

So now the Amazing Nate is fixing my computer (hopefully for the last time), Abby and Greg are playing in the girls' room with Lizzy, who is explaining earnestly that Care Bears are "these bears, you know, bears, and they care". Laston and Nate are discussing mechanics and electronics and a number of other ics, and I'm blogging and doing homework.

Thus is a slushy Saturday at Chez Gamers' Babes.