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Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh for Heaven's Sake!

Remember back a month ago, when my laptop went kablooey? It did. And my dear friend Nate has come over to install the new part (video inverter), and then again when another part down the chain (the LCD cable, which was making interesting crackling noises) was broken, and then again today because the back-light was also broken. The new back light came in earlier this week, Nate came over today whilst I was taking Abby to her dad's (Hubs and Lizzy were here) and...

...the replacement back light is apparently also broken.

Well, expletive.

Apparently it's been that kind of week for Nate as well; just Not His Week when it has to do with mechanics or electronics.

So now instead of having my own laptop back (so this loaner can go back to my mom so the kids can use it for the software Grandma got them for Christmas), I have to call for an RMA in freaking December so we can get a new part (also in freaking December, so who knows how long that will take) so Nate can come install it for me (I have the skill but not the confidence, and I do not have the tools).

Oh for crying out loud.