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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caught It!

Caught this cold before it turned into something dire, that is.

I have asthma (now called "airway reactive disorder", but it's asthma), although it is generally only triggered when I am ill or if I get a face full of allergen. And because I am a mom, I'm exposed to a lot of colds. So my usual shtick when I get a cold is just to ignore it unless one of two things occurs: it gets into my lungs or I get a fever. Either of these symptoms is usually a harbinger of a secondary bacterial infection - bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia - so when these symptoms occur I go off to the doctor, just so we don't have a repeat of the Great Meltdown of March 2011. Or November 2006 for that matter. Having gotten Lizzy's cold, I was doing my little ignoring it bit until last night when my chest started aching, so this morning, I went in.

And the doctor congratulated me for getting it before it got bad. Gave me a breathing treatment and recommended the usual cold remedies - fluids, rest, refill your asthma inhaler. Not so bad after all.