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Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Frenetic Follies

Poor Leanna. She's been recovering from her tonsillectomy (and adenoidectomy and tooth extraction) and because she's a big girl it's taking her longer to get over it than it does smaller children. So we were not expecting her for this weekend (or for Abby's birthday party) and some of today's Frenetic Follies consisted of phone calls back and forth between me and Leanna's mom, determining whether she could come over this weekend (no) or just for the party (also no), and reassuring Leanna that truly, it's okay; we'll miss you but everybody understands that you are too sick to be rollerskating. Although Lizzy, four, thinks that Leanna isn't coming this weekend because she has "tonsil germs" (we told her Leanna's tonsils were sick and she extrapolated from there based on her own recent experience with cold germs).

Lizzy eats tekka maki! And likes it!
And I went to Abby's classroom to bring her lunch and birthday goodies for her class, then picked Lizzy up and did the grocery shopping, came home and did a load of laundry, finished my homework, and tidied the kitchen. Laston started home from work, we got a call from Leanna's mom saying she had to go back to the doctor because the back of her throat was bleeding, he went to help with that, he got home, Abby got home from school, and we went out to dinner (we love the "Sushi Belt Place"!) with our ringers on "outdoor" settings ready for word about Leanna's throat.

And OW - apparently she coughed some stitches loose where they took her tonsils out, and the poor kid is back at Children's Hospital for observation tonight. Send Good Thoughts, won't you?