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Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow Day Take FIVE

This is ridiculous. I am not a fan. When the kids have a whole week off school due to snow (albeit Monday was a holiday) this is not normal. Global cooling over here in Seattleish. It's finally warming up a bit, but it's not precipitating, so the melt is very very slooooow. Lizzy and I are completely stiry-crazy (Laston's made it to work every day except Wednesday, and Abby gets outside a bit every day, but I don't want Lizzy out in that icy-wet if I can help it). We aren't allowed to take our garbage out until Monday, because the garbage truck people can't make it out here.
Yesterday Afternoon

I fully expected Lizzy to have a night terror last night; she's been getting overtired and not sleeping well, and that usually causes night terrors for her. She didn't, but she did have a sleepwalking episode last night (which is related). She wandered out to the living room, yelled, "I'm not tired!" at the top of her lungs, and went back to bed. It left me a bit nonplussed.

So we're hoping to get Leanna today; again, this depends on accessibility. Major roads are bare and wet with patches of snow and ice. Minor roads are mostly the patches of snow and ice. Leanna's half-mile driveway is apparently impassable by car, but her mom says they can walk out to the road. Job hunting has of course been slow, because nobody's been in the office if they can help it. I scraped up my three required applications for the week, though; usually it's more like three a day!

Today Noon
School has been great though. Nothing like an unseasonable snow storm to give you lots of fodder for an Environmental Science class! And I might even finish the laundry today (insofar as laundry is ever finished, that is...). I've been writing just for fun a lot too, so I have been getting stuff done; it's just that the insulated sensation is wearing thin on me here.

But as you can see, it is melting. Very very slowly.