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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Do Love This Place

I've mentioned the recently opened Panera Bread store down the road from me before. Because I've been sick, I've been eating nothing but chicken soup and the like for a few days, so I decided to indulge myself with the free pastry I won for signing up for their punch card program.

Oh. My. Word

This is the best cherry Danish ever.

And I also went into the store for the first time today - usually I do the drive-through window - so I could see all this nummy stuff I've been hearing about. I'm pleased to report that the people inside the store are just as great as those in the drive-through area. They know their stuff, and they are friendly and efficient. In addition to my pastry, I bought a baguette (only about sixty cents more than a similar loaf at the grocery store, and far better bread).

I knew that Panera Bread gives back to local communities, but I didn't realize until today that they give to one of my favorite charities here in the Seattle area. And at that it's one that makes sense for their product! And although they don't specifically screen for allergens, they are definitely allergy-aware and do their best to accommodate, which, as you know, is my pet advocacy.

I swear they aren't paying me to say this; I just love this store!