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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

They Did It AGAIN

I've already said this here and here, but I love the HairMasters in Woodinville WA. My mom and I have been going here for years and I in turn bring my daughter (the little one has only had a bang trim but I should probably have her come in to tidy up dry ends). All the stylists are good at what they do and - this is key - they really seem interested in why you're getting x done and make helpful suggestions.

Today for instance, I told Amanda I wanted to look like a grownup for my job interviews tomorrow and she suggested good cuts based on my hair type (baby fine) and my current cut (grown-out bob with bangs) and my preference (looks good even when I don't do a thing beyond washing it - I'm a busy woman), as well as the job types I'm interviewing for (desk jobs, meaning drying air-conditioning, but limited weather exposure). Lacey cut my daughter's hair a couple weeks ago in the perfect cut for her (see link above), and my mom always has Charlie do hers when possible. Carole, who runs the place, asked me on my way out to let her know if I got either job. I always get the impression that they really do care. And that's nice.

Speaking of those who care, there's my friend Nate. He's one of the Friday Night Gamers, and father of my probable future son-in-law Greg. I was fretting about going to get this done with my mom - my usual babysitter - out of town and he offered to watch Lizzy. I was flabbergasted. I know he and Lizzy get along fine - although she was a little perplexed at him coming over a) on a day other than Friday and b) without bringing Greg with him - and I have no compunctions about males watching my kids. It had just never occurred to me. So here's a shout-out to Nate, for babysitting a rambunctious three-year-old (of course, he has practice with Greg, for whom rambunctious is a mild descriptor).

So now I have pretty hair and pretty nails, and two job interviews tomorrow, directly after which we are leaving for my mom's time-share (Hubby's staying here for work and Alone Time; this is Just Us Girls). I'll be close enough to Seattle to keep tabs on  the job-hunting front and get home quickly in case of interview. I've done my three for the week already (or will have by the time we leave) so I'm obeying all the unemployment rules. Sounds about perfect.