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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Post of Randomness #2

No particular topic, so this is going to be a fairly random post.

I am seriously tired today. Not really sure why, unless it is the wonder that is Spring (and tree pollen) in Seattle. It is in fact spring today. It hasn't been much here lately. Lots of rain, which usually has let up somewhat by May, romantic comedy movies notwithstanding.

I'm also a bit worried today. Abby is going with her Brownie troop to an end-of-year retreat at a water park / resort. This is a Big Deal, and I would never spoil it for her. But it's the first time she'll be further away from me than about five miles (overnight), except with family. Every-other-weekend at her dad's or overnights at nana's or my mom's don't worry me like this. Abby's a strong swimmer, is suspicious of any food offered her (a required skill for the severely-allergic), and groks Stranger Danger. It's not that I don't trust the chaperones implicitly either; they know how to use the epi-pen, have my contact info, all that. I trust them with her. But they are not me. I suspect that this is a mommy-thing and therefore logic does not come into it. Gosh dang it to heck.

She also earned a fair bit of Girl Scout Stuff and "Cookie Dough" (good toward purchases of Girl Scout Stuff) from the cookie sales pictured above. A plush kangaroo, Girl Power bandana and book-bag, and assorted patches. Then with the Cookie Dough we ordered her a I Heart Brownies t-shirt and a Girl Scout charm for her MedicAlert bracelet. Fun.

Lizzy's arm is clearly feeling better. She only frets about it when we have to bend it far enough to change her shirt for instance, or getting her into and out of the car seat straps.

Because hubby has class tonight after work, we girls are taking advantage of his absence and having a fairly carbariffic supper. Cheeseburgers, oven fries, and corn.

There you have it folks. The no-energy, no-topic Post of the Day. Come back tomorrow - maybe I'll have something more interesting for you!