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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

It's been in my head all day, that song. Mostly because early today I made an off-hand comment that Lizzy (3) had a "real 80s vibe" going on today. All she needs are legwarmers to complete the picture.

Labyrinth: From The Original Soundtrack Of The Jim Henson FilmAdditionally, the other day I was here in the living room when she said, "Oh, MOM! It's Cyndi Lauper!" Now, keep in mind that Cyndi Lauper does sing the "Bond Girl" song "Lady in Pink" from the Backyardigans' Super Secret Super Spy. But I seriously expected her to say, "Like, really," at any moment. It doesn't help that Abby (8) said - in so many words - "I just want to have fun, mom," to me the other day. And that she really enjoys the Bangles and Oingo Boingo and David Bowie (specifically the soundtrack from Labyrinth).

However, these children of mine are still pretty young, in spite of their love for 80s pop. Abby and her friend Kiki (9) are currently cleaning - for fun and profit - Abby is thrilled because she gets to stand on the bathroom counter to do the mirrors (until Lizzy started splashing her), and Kiki is excited because she gets to use the vacuum cleaner. Plus they negotiated their rate of pay; we had originally told them they'd each get a treasure chest pick for the living and dining room, and they decided to do the kids' room and the guest (kids') bath for an extra pick apiece too. So they're feeling pretty grown-up about the whole thing.