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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Not All Fun and Games

Well, much of it is. But it's not all indoor fun and games of these sorts - today after school Abby and Lizzy and I went to see Abby's friend Kiki run in a track and field meet. Abby wants to join the track and field team next year - they don't take them until third grade - and she and I wanted to see what is was about, plus we wanted to support Kiki. I took Lizzy because she hadn't been out of the house all day and I wanted to give her some outside time in spite of the weather - and let her run off some of her excess energy. When we left the house it was sprinkling. No big deal - we're Seattleites and we can cope. Maybe we wouldn't be able to play on the school playground before the meet because the slides would be wet, but no real problem.

By the time we go to the rival school it was pouring buckets. Abby remarked that even Laston - who scoffs at our Seattle rain because he's from Texas - might think this counted as "real rain". So rather than play outside at all - and Lizzy was asleep in her car seat by this point - I had Abby do her homework in the car and helped her by reading the other actors' parts in her reading homework play. 

Kiki got first place in her division (4th graders) and second overall in her race (4th-and-5th-graders). Abby was screaming herself hoarse, standing in the rain surrounded by people from the rival school, shouting her own school's name. Who knew she had that much school spirit? She was practically shouting, "Hooray! I'm for the other team!" .

When we got home all three of us were soaking wet. Hubby's computer has been in the shop all day - boot sector virus - and he went to get it while we girls ate supper. He's contentedly typing away, I'm blogging and job-hunting, Abby's watching more episodes of The Addams Family and Lizzy's in their room watching The Legend of the Volcano Sisters

Sounds like a nice way to spend the late afternoon and early evening on a rainy day in Seattleish.